The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Writing is cathartic. It saves me from having the incessant monologues in my head. I am, afterall, my worst critic.  I kick myself often for failing to do things or for doing it wrong.

Single motherhood. The second time around. When it happens to yourself twice, you wonder what you could possibly have done in your past life to deserve it (if there’s such a thing as a past life). Or kicking yourself for perhaps being unworthy of what others may have. It erodes your self-esteem in a huge way.

That’s where you need to stop. I told myself to stop. 

I gain nothing from self-loathing. I gain nothing from kicking myself.

So this blog is going to be odds and sods of thoughts. Some will be story telling — I promised my youngest son that I will write about Ella, a made-up character in one of our bedtime routines. Some will be reminiscing a childhood gone. Some will be hopes and dreams. Some will be of happy memories with my children and friends. And peppered with recipes! Who doesn’t love food!

Just join me in my journey, is all I ask. And be patient with me as I gather my thoughts and type one letter at a time.

There is so much to gain from looking forward.

So why DARNA? Darna is the Philippines’ version of a heroine. It’s also a nickname some friends call me. Not because I have superpowers. No one has. I think the nickname comes from trying my darnest all the time. So, I’m claiming it. Yes, I do Darna-like things all the time. But perhaps I am my own hero in my own story.

So browse, enjoy, best if you also click follow (I’d appreciate that very much, thank you) and leave a comment.

Love to you all.


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