Hope Springs Eternal

I wrote this piece on 28 July 2018.

We set out ot go to the wineries but found ourselves at the summit at the now extinct volcano, Mt Canobolas.

In February 2018, the mountain reserve was struck with bushfire. So bad and so fierce, a volunteer firefighter’s life was lost. With time and God’s grace, it is healing. We saw growth among the burnt tree trunks. Greens among the blackness of the scorched earth.

My life had been the same this year. In February, I too was struck with grief. And as if that was not enough, more pain came. It felt like a massive twister had hit me and I still experience the pain and loss, the disappointment, the uncertainty of the future and the hope that this too shall pass.

At the summit, in my already hoarse and disappearing voice, I cried “God, why me?”

But there at the summit, I saw the burnt trees breathing new life. Even one that stood strong and tall, now broken and burnt, breathed new life in its trunk. Because its core is strong.

There’s my answer. Time is God’s gift for healing. With a strong core, healing comes. And I too, shall heal from my own fire storm.

Hope springs eternal.

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