The Job

My first mentor, Mr Rizal Tupaz, said to me that the job description is just that. A job description. How you execute it is your own magic. Another former manager said the same, “let her do her magic.” I’ve carved a career not out of pure chance but by the opportunities it presented to me.

I took on this current job in the middle of maelstrom. I felt like drowning in sorrow. Failure is not an option, neither is giving up. I have afterall, three beautiful sons to look after.

I travelled twice longer to get to the office, something that I wouldn’t have considered in the past: an hour each way. But had to be done. There are bills to pay and most importantly, food needs to be on the table without fail.

Contracting had given me the flexibility to earn and be a present mother without the accompanying guilt of missing work owing to a sick child or a child’s school event that most permanent roles would have. Or on those days when I am sick myself such as the last two days. No work no pay afterall in contracting. I still need to earn, but most importantly, I need to be present for my children.

I started the day as project manager, but ended the day, in an acting role managing an entire team. I didn’t expect it but immensely grateful for the opportunity to lead a team Tagain. That was nearly 10 months ago.

Late last year another opportunity came. What have I done with it? I grabbed it with both hands. And over time, the value of what we’ve done as a team is felt, acknowledged and appreciated all around. What it has also given me is an opportunity to meet a lot of people and be in places I’ve never been to.

Travel is the best antidote for sadness. Anywhere and everywhere.

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